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Carriage Animal Hospital

Pet Rescues in Lombard, IL

Pet rescues never get a vacation. There are always animals needing basic veterinary care and loving forever homes. Therefore, Carriage Animal Hospital in Lombard has joined with area organizations to provide quality treatments for homeless animals and help reduce euthanasias.

Women holding dog over shoulders as the dogs tongue is out

We take pride in what we do

We work with our rescue partners to locate animals in need at kill shelters and give them a second chance. Seeing pets find their families and receive the love and kindness they deserve is the most rewarding experience!

Why we do what we do:

  • We are passionate about helping animals.

  • We are excited to provide veterinary care to animals in need and help them find forever homes.

  • We hope that by providing spays and neuters to our adoption animals, we will help shelters by preventing population problems that lead to euthanasia in healthy animals.

Please call us at (630) 495-3623 to learn more about our adoptable animals as well as any rescue partnership opportunities. 

Learn more about pet adoption